Whatcha got? I got nothing


Some Monday thoughts and things

📳 I want to be one of those obnoxious people with their cell phones, DAMN IT. I am paying for a phone I don’t yet have.

⚪⚪ in a meeting today I was randomly told I had great breasts.

🐷I ate my weight today.

💆 I would kill for a massage.

💔 Anyone have any superglue?

😳 NEED SLEEP. About a week should do it.

😈 Who knows how I can watch the walking dead without cable???

Today I went to a funeral. Tonight I deserve a cider with a shot of fireball in it and a really good episode of the walking dead. Oh and sleep, sleep would be nice. I haven’t had that all week.

Sunday stuffs

😈 Go away Jehovah’s witnesses. Birthday cake is yummy and you people creep me out.

💔 I have to go to a funeral today. I don’t do well with these things. I mean AT ALL.

🙅 Never say yes when your 8 year old niece asks If she can sleep in your bed. It is a trap, one to leave bruises on your ribs. Ouchie 😯

🍺 The hockey game was fun. Sad for them that they lost, but I love live hockey. It is strange how much I love the violence in the sport. I am not a violent person at all. Somewhere in my inner being though I let go with hockey and the walking dead. I think it is because I repress so much.

🍭 Hope you have an amazing Sunday. Try a little fireball 😜

I forgot how much watching hockey live turns me on.

Tick tick tick

Hockey game tonight IF my friend ever shows. Jeez, I lied about the time so we had a chance of being on time—-Foiled again.

I have spent most of my life waiting. Emotionally and physically. Just sitting here living the waiting for Godot life.

This is so twisted and wrong, but also so accurate.

This is so twisted and wrong, but also so accurate.

(Source: timeisaflatcircus)

Doesn’t everyone wake up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning and give unsolicited advice to someone and then watch YouTube videos on how to use the new Iphone? That is like normal right?

Friday stuff

4 hours ago I was shot up with Novocain I still can’t feel half of my left eyeball.

I JUST GOT AN IPHONE 6! Okay I don’t technically have it, but it is on it’s way. I have never had an iPhone. I am soooo giddy and terrified—-that shit gets expensive.

I finally scheduled my surgery and asked someone else about a refi. Adult shit.

I hope you all had a fantabulous Friday.

Girlie girl what?

Sometimes I wonder at the amount of girlieness I have acquired in the last couple of years. It seems every time I get hurt I become a little more girlie. I mean that in the “physical” way not in any “don’t be a girl” way. Which quite frankly always pissed me off, because in general girls are pretty damn strong.

It is weird, but I play around with more makeup. I always wore a tiny bit but never enough that people noticed. Now I wear makeup everyday. I’ve bought more look at me clothes, jewelry that just wasn’t funky. I buy fancy undies now.

The funny thing is I am the most girlie I have ever been. It is not for a boy, it is not to attract a boy. It is just what makes me feel things right now.

Tonight I skipped the hike and bought some fun jewelry, some pretty smelling lotions and some Victoria secret. It was a shit week and even though it was the last of the money I have until next week. It was totally worth it. I have never been a shopper, so yeah this week deserved all the nice things I could throw at it.

Hope you had a lovely Thursday.

Despite the words I am doing okay

Well my carefully crafted plan of fake meetings went to hell. Ended up in a 1.5 hour meeting with the passive aggressive client today despite my best efforts. Well hopefully the nasty emails will stop for a little while. Probably not, but at this point no one can say I didn’t give it my best effort.

I cried today. It was a release from the horrid week we have had at work. There are no words for what happened. There is no fixing a death and not fixing something is something I don’t take well. That is what I do, it is how I function. Somethings can’t be fixed and those are the ones that break my heart the most.

I want to talk to X about this week. He would know what to say. I can’t talk to him and I am slowly getting used to the idea that we are not in each others lives at all. It is these times that loss of friendship hurts the most.

Oh it is Thursday, this suppose to be sexy: boobs