Whatcha got? I got nothing

Sep 2

I am alive

No word yet on whether I did something weird though.

Sep 1

Having brains doesn’t equal using them.

I just took half an Ambien. One that wasn’t prescribed to me, but to my father and that expired in 2003. I have never taken sleeping meds before. So, one of three things will happen:

~ It will work and glorious sleep will be had.

~ It will work, but all those horror stories I heard about people doing weird shit with no memory of it will happen.

~ I will die. Nice knowing you.

I think I should hide this thing just in case. No Ambien selfies or messages to X the destroyer.

Good night everyone. 🌌

Sep 1

Tumblr contact.

I like the array of different versions of hi. You all are different and amazing. :-)

Sep 1


Sep 1

πŸ’€ πŸ—» I got up super early on a holiday to go hiking. It was just what I needed. I even bought a year pass to all the regional parks. Thursday nights light hiking, Saturday mornings the difficult ones. This is my new plan. Did you see the tiny frog? DID YOU?!?!?!

🐹 I have a hamster for the evening. My friend is out of town and her A/C went out. I went and picked up her furries. It is hilarious to watch my furries chase the little hamster in a ball.

πŸ’§ I am still trying to figure out what the hell to do with my life.

🏑 Anyone have advice on refinancing houses????

Hope your Labor Day was labor free πŸ˜ƒ


β€’ I completely lost it yesterday in my utter exhaustion. I cried and let my mom know how hard my life is. Now I feel like shit, she doesn’t need that.

β€’ It is tough to know that the career you trained and gave up years and lots money to pursue is basically a dead end job.

β€’ I am trying to plan an early morning hike with someone who is always late. I feel compelled to hike, my body needs the release.

β€’ The girl furry has found a new room and new carpet to pee on. I bawled my eyes out when I smelled it. I don’t know what to do.

β€’ I need money to fall out of the sky. πŸ’°

β€’ I keep finding the weirdest shit when I go through things. “Why did I keep this?” “No idea, should I still keep it?” I don’t know. “Are you talking to yourself?” Yep!

β€’ My car wants to do the remake of the Steven King movie Christine. Now she turns on the break lights when the car is empty and keys are out of the ignition. This added to all the other weird shit that my car does now shows me she is sentient. 😱🚘

I have been up for 40 hours

After getting only 5 hours the nights leading up to last. I am so tired. Ask stuff if you want. I am kind of delirious. If you don’t want that is cool too :-)

Edited: you guys totally missed out. Delirium was totally going to be bluntly honest. I made it 41 hours. Now I am going to sleep πŸ™.


I have been awake for 28.5 hours and I am not even tired. Nothing was consumed to bring this about.

I just got sucked in trying to salvage some money out of the unfortunate reality that I can’t move hundreds and hundreds of books.

Typing out ISBN numbers is obnoxious and tiresome. I didn’t bother with any of the sites that charge. All the stuff that they weren’t buying, I am taking to a local bookseller. Anything they don’t want is going to the shelter, books in boxes make me sad.

Friday pluses

🎯 Blue cheese wedges were on sale today. If you don’t like blue cheese, well you are nuts - but we can still be friends and hey more for me.

πŸ‘Š I partied like a rock star this Friday night and cleaned out my garage. I would be embarrassed about this, but really I don’t care πŸ˜› and it makes me feel like I am moving forward.

🚭 It has been over two months since I smoked a cigarette!

This has been a post. Not a good or interesting one 😜, but a post.

End of August

πŸ’” I let my fear of seeing him/not seeing him last weekend rule my elbow this month. My elbow as in it kept bending towards my mouth. I am 15 pounds heavier than I was at the beginning of the month. Time to kick my ass. I won’t let him turn me fat again.

⚠ The gym has cool new treadmills with real cities. You run through the streets like you are really there. I am not freaking kidding I swear I saw X. I picked that city because I thought it would be awesome to run in. Never doubt the weird shit that can happen to me.

😱 Apparently my uterus is growing like there is a baby inside. There isn’t.

🚚 I am slowly packing up stuff from work I won’t use this year, but need. I wish I had a regular job where you move and the only thing that goes with you is your laptop.

πŸ’¦ I thought while waiting to meet my friend to run in a couple of minutes I would start cleaning out my garage. It is boiling outside. I am an idiot :-)

Hope your day was swell 😜